Full Leg                                               £25.00
Full Leg & Bikini                             £30.00
Half Leg                                              £18.00
Half Leg & Bikini                           £23.00
Bikini                                                   £10.00
Underarm                                         £10.00
Eyebrow                                            £8.50
Lip                                                         £8.00
Chin                                                     £8.00
Lip & Chin                                        £14.00
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow                  £21.00

When preparing for your treatment please ensure that the chosen area is hygienically prepared prior to your visit.

For 24 hours after waxing please refrain from: Using any perfumed products, exposure to the sun/sunbeds, excessive heat, swimming or wearing tight clothing.

Reasons to refrain from waxing: If you are using Retin-A or Roaccutane at the time of treatment or in the past three months. 
If you are hypersensitive to heat treatments, used a sunbed within the last 24 hours or if you have sunburnt skin.