General FAQ’s

Q – Are you insured?
A – Yes! I am fully insured, for all of the treatments I offer, through BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology). 

Manicure/Pedicure FAQ’s

Q – What is the difference between Gel Extensions and Gel Polish?
A – When you have Gel Extensions you will have a tip applied to your natural nail and this will then be strengthened with Hard Gel before your choice of polish is applied. Hard Gel is natural looking and gives strength and flexibility over a tip. 
Gel Polish is applied straight to the natural nail and gives protection, however it isn’t as strong as Hard Gel.

Q – Will Gel Extensions or Gel Polish damage my nails?
A – The Hard Gel and Gel Polish are not what will cause damage to your nails. Damage will only occur if the nails are removed incorrectly i.e being picked or pulled off. Removal should be done professionally as any dehydration that can occur can be easily fixed with the use of professional products and good after care.

Q – Do I need to wear/bring flip-flops for a pedicure?
A – If you are having normal polish applied then flip-flops or open toed sandals are best to wear afterwards to avoid any chipping or smudging. However, if you are having a gel pedicure you are safe to wear normal shoes as the polish will be completely dry at the end of the treatment.

Facial FAQ’s

Q – What happens in a Facial?
A – All facials start and finish with a full consultation. You will be given a hair net, to wear to protect your hair from any products, and a robe to wear which will keep you warm during the treatment. You will need to remove your top but keep your bra on, taking the straps down to keep them protected from products. During the facial you will be covered with a blanket and towel to keep you warm and comfortable. Facial routines all include a cleanse, exfoliation, massage, masque and finishing products.

Eye Treatment FAQ’s

Q – Why do I need a patch test before an eyebrow/eyelash tint?
A – Patch tests are essential before having a tinting treatment for insurance purposes but most importantly it will let us know that the product is safe to use on your skin. No-one wants a reaction, especially around the delicate eye area.

Q – I’ve had an eyebrow/eyelash tint before somewhere else, why do I need to have a patch test here?
A – Every beauty salon will use different brands and products in their treatments and each of these different brands will use different ingredients in their products. This means that you might be absolutely fine having a tinting treatment in one place but another place could cause a reaction due to one ingredient being different. Its always better to be safe than sorry especially where your eyes are concerned.

Eyelash Extension FAQ’s

Q – How does it feel to have eyelash extensions applied?
A – Application is gentle and totally comfortable. Your eyes will be protected and you will need to keep your eyes closed for the duration of the treatment.

Q – Can I have them if I wear contact lenses?
A – You will need to remove your contact lenses for the duration of the treatment. Thereafter lenses can be worn as normal.

Q – Do they damage your natural lashes?
A – Lash Perfect Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. With correct aftercare, the natural lash should remain unaffected.

Q – How long do they last?
A – A full set can last up to 4 weeks, however with regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks the lashes will stay on indefinitely.

Waxing FAQ’s

Q – How long does my hair need to be for waxing?
A – Hair should be at least 1 cm long in order to get good results from a wax. If you usually shave, then its best to have 2 weeks worth of growth to get the best results. Shorter hair will be more painful and might be removed by the wax.

Q – How long will my eyebrow shape last?
A – As with everything it depends on the individual and how quickly your hair grows, however it usually lasts 3-4 weeks. 

Q – Do you do Hollywoods or Brazilians? 
A – No. I don’t do any form of intimate waxing. The bikini wax on my treatment list refers to anything outside of your knicker line. Knickers are kept on for this treatment.


If you can’t find your question here, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.